How to be a rock ’n’ roll junkie

Jane Comitz is a rock 'n' roll junkie

If there was a Hall of Fame for rock ’n’ roll fans, Jane Comitz and her husband, Chet, would be charter members. Jane and Chet enjoy traveling, as a lot of folks do. But they don’t stop there. They travel the world not just to see the sights, but to catch musical acts. ‘We wanted […]

What do we stand for?

“Laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind.” - Thomas Jefferson

My wife Roxane, my son Craig and I visited Washington, DC over Memorial Day weekend. We enjoyed seeing the sites and experiencing the ambiance of the city, though we missed the cherry blossoms by a month. What a pleasure to take in the National Memorial Day Parade — an awesome display of patriotism held annually […]

The Panama Papers and you

The Panama Papers leak revealed names of people who had previously been anonymous owners of shell companies.

It was the topic this spring that everyone talked about — except for some lawyers and bankers who generated the talk. The Panama Papers, an April 2016 leak of 11.5 million documents from a Panama-based law firm, revealed the murky world of tax havens and offshore companies and identified by name some very wealthy people […]

The ‘IRS’ is on the phone asking for money? Hang up

the Angry IRS Caller

If you’re like me, you’ve probably received abusive phone calls from people purporting to be from the IRS, or a bank or credit card company. Abusive phone scammers call my home frequently. A very common scam, one that is going on a lot right now, is the Angry IRS Caller. They speak with a stern […]

Passionate about making people laugh

Larry Sherman, comedian

Comedian Larry Sherman* says a lot of things came to him late in life. He began doing standup in his 60s. He was 40 when he married — 42 when his daughter was born. “At this point in life,” Larry says, “my baby girl is happy to see me walking.” Ba-dum-bum! Ching! Time for his […]

3 lessons from the fire in my home

Planning is a given in my business. It’s what I do. Most of the time that planning revolves around investments, which has been my focus for 30-plus years. But investing isn’t the only thing that requires planning. Other aspects of life can affect us not only financially but personally too. And it’s good to be […]

My Opinion: Giving is something that must come from within

Giving is one of the most personal financial decisions in our lives. First, there is the choice whether to give at all. Then, if you decide to give, there is a wide range of ways to do it, from supporting formal, organized charities to simply finding people within your personal sphere who can use a […]

Racquetball: My investment planning diversion

They say everyone needs something to help them unwind and for me it’s racquetball. LBA_raquetballs I first learned of racquetball in 1976, when my friend Terry came home on leave from the Army and told me he’d learned this really cool game. Off we went to the local racquetball court and, wham, I was hooked. […]

Travel Idea: The Queen Charlotte Islands

Mark and Lynn Fish* have been clients since 2003. Among many interests, they enjoy traveling and art. In late 2008, they combined the two with a trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands in Canada. Known as Haida Gwaii to the indigenous Haida people, the Queen Charlotte Islands lie off the coast of British Columbia. Mark […]

4 things to like about photo art

Some of my wealth management clients like to collect art. Well, one of the hottest trends currently in the art world is photographic art. Watch the morning shows and flip through the pages of any shelter magazine to see examples of arresting imagery of streetscapes, landscapes, portraits and photos of pets. Energy: “Photo art brings […]