We can help you to be proactive about your wealth.

Wealthy individuals who do not plan to retire anytime soon need help making smart decisions about pension programs, stock options, retirement packages and estate plans.

We have more than 30 years of experience in financial planning and wealth management. Along the way, we’ve made it our business to help clients develop solid plans for navigating life to reach their financial goals.

Specifically, South Bay Asset Strategies can help:

  • Develop income distribution strategies. We review each client’s unique situation to help them develop reliable income streams. The goal is to help clients to continue to enjoy the lifestyles to which they’ve grown accustomed.
  • Develop asset accumulation strategies. Our goal is to help clients keep pace with inflation by implementing strategies based on their investment objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Review pension programs. Many individuals receive robust benefits packages from their employers. We try to be proactive in staying abreast of decisions that could affect a client’s overall compensation. Hence, we regularly review our client’s Social Security, profit-sharing and pension programs.
  • Assess estate planning needs. We can help clients receive assistance in the areas of wills, trusts and long-term tax planning. We work closely with a number of qualified legal and tax planning specialists, who help us develop strategies to care for one’s legacy wishes while minimizing potential tax liabilities.