Our Difference

We make our clients feel comfortable.

What makes South Bay Asset Strategies, wealth management different? Come in and see for yourself. Clients tell us they love visiting our office. They say it’s relaxing.

Despite being hard-working and focused, we like to think we’re low-key, unassuming, and straight up in our dealings. This sets us apart from the power-driven investment firms tied more directly to Wall Street.

We value a sense of order. Our desks are clean. Our files are tidy. We pay attention to detail. Our wealth management clients feel we work hard on their behalf. We treat friends and family whom they refer in the same way.

If you’re visiting our web site because you’re looking for a financial planner, or if you’ve been referred here by a family member or a friend, consider South Bay Asset Strategies the place for honest, hard-working and personalized wealth management.