Our maximum fee is 1%* of the assets under supervision.

Our firm is compensated in a number of ways. Our wealth management plans are tailored to each client’s individual needs and how they choose to do business with us. You can be charged fees, commissions, or a combination of fees and commissions.

Most clients pay a fee for our wealth management planning services. This fee is a percentage of the assets under supervision. Our maximum fee, as a firm, is 1%*. It compensates us for our investment consulting, financial planning and relationship management services.

We sometimes earn commissions on financial products. This occurs only for clients who need those products.

To provide our clients with dedicated and responsive service, we have established a $500,000 minimum of investable assets for new clients.

We believe it’s important for you to understand the fees associated with obtaining wealth management services. We are happy to explain our fees further. Please call to schedule an appointment.

* Overall fees are complex and can vary. To illustrate: On most fee-based accounts, clients are assessed a fee representing 1.5% or maybe 1.6% of the value of the assets under supervision. This percentage can vary, but usually by no more than a tenth of a percentage point. Whereas South Bay Asset Strategies charges 1% as our share, others such as the broker-dealer and money mangement firms can together add an additional 0.5% or 0.6%. So, while our portion that we control is set at 1%, the total fee may run 1.5% or 1.6%.