Near Retirees

We can help you make smart money decisions.

Retirement planning can lead to wonderful outcomes. Imagine having the resources in place to travel to exotic places, provide college education for your grandkids or give generously to a charity or to your community. It’s possible, and South Bay Asset Strategies can help.

Our retirement planning strategies have helped many clients to start early at setting goals, calculating realistic retirement income needs and formulating concrete action-steps.

Specifically, South Bay Asset Strategies can help near retirees:

  • Plan for adequate cash. Our financial planning models can help near retirees set realistic expense structures, ensure that available income sources are in place, account for retirement fund distributions and manage taxes. It’s a complex planning process that we’ve done for many clients.
  • Rebalance portfolios. Planning for retirement means moving from an asset accumulation or growth phase of one’s life to portfolio structures that emphasize income. We develop portfolios that make sense for each individual client, given their goals and timeframe to retirement.
  • Reduce debt. We encourage clients 10 years away from retirement to begin reducing their debt obligations. While it’s not always possible to be completely debt-free, nor is doing so always the best course financially, we can help determine which debts are worth carrying and which should be eliminated.

Rebalancing a portfolio may cause investors to incur tax liabilities and/or transaction costs and does not assure a profit or protect against a loss.