Passionate about making people laugh

Comedian Larry Sherman* says a lot of things came to him late in life. He began doing standup in his 60s. He was 40 when he married — 42 when his daughter was born.

“At this point in life,” Larry says, “my baby girl is happy to see me walking.” Ba-dum-bum! Ching!

Larry Sherman has long planned to do comedy in his retirement.
Larry Sherman

Time for his turn

Larry has jumped into the world of stand-up comedy at an age when many people aspire to travel, pursue hobbies and spend lazy days on the golf course. He has always enjoyed listening to comedians and telling jokes and now, Larry says, it’s time for his turn on stage.
How did Larry’s comedy act get started?

“About 30 years ago, a friend had to give a presentation and wanted to lighten up his speech,” Larry says. “He asked me to write a few jokes, which I did. They went over well.”

The seed was planted. Eventually, Larry took a six-week course in comedy that culminated in a stand-up performance. The resulting applause made him want to give up his career as a market researcher. It would have to wait 22 years. Larry and his wife, Alice, ushered their daughter into the world rather than a comedy routine.

“I’d had success as a researcher in the automotive, banking, health care and entertainment industries,” Larry says. “Changing diapers seemed like a logical next step.”

Eclectic brand of comedy

With parenting and market research behind him, Larry now has time to think about life and write his eclectic brand of comedy. He likes tying multiple topics together using wordplay, such as this bit about Twitter and a World War II armored fighting vehicle …

“Tell all your Twitter friends you saw Larry Sherman at the Improv. But, please, if you think I’m outdated and off track, don’t tweet, ‘Sherman Tanks.’”

Larry is enjoying the ride. Stand-up, he says, provides a rush like no other.

“You definitely feel the nerves when you take the stage,” he says. “But once you’re there, and the first few jokes go over well, there’s nothing quite so empowering.”

Larry does comedy not for the money, but because he’s passionate about making people laugh. He’s performed at The Improv on Melrose, The Comedy Store on Sunset and the Formosa Café in Hollywood. To catch his next act, send him an email at

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