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Every year, inflation adjustments shift the tax code. Inflation surged in 2022, so some of the changes for tax year 2023 are large. South Bay Asset Strategies has a handy tax guide for the 2023 tax year (not your 2022 tax filing due this year by April 18). Get your copy today.

Change may be coming to the investment world

Today, we’re seeing an increase in inflation, and the Federal Reserve has made known its intent to allow interest rates to rise. Does this mean the long-term investment plans we’ve developed for you are no good anymore? Do we need to rethink everything we’re doing? Hardly! This article has some background on the rise in inflation and why the Fed wants to control it.

Slip away around the world – Part 2

Jan and Rich's 41-foot ketch, Slip Away, en route to Samoa.

The story of Jan and Rich We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. — T.S. Eliot In a previous post, I featured the story of Jan Schwab and Rich Crowell,* who circumnavigated the globe […]

Slip away around the world

The 41-foot ketch, Slip Away, anchored in 2010 at Fatu-Hiva, an island in the Marquesas.

In 2001, Jan Schwab and Rich Crowell bought a sailboat in Mexico and named her Slip Away. They brought Slip Away to Los Angeles in 2002 and lived on her for a year in Marina del Rey. Then in 2003, at the ages of 45 and 54 respectively, Jan and Rich sailed to Ensenada, Mexico, and started a 16-year journey that would take them around the world.

The stock market recovery reminds us why we continue to stay the course

You did the right thing in 2020 by sticking to your investment plan.

In February 2020, the stock market as measured by the S&P 500* entered a free fall that lasted for about a month — ending down about 32%. The market eventually recovered and today is up more than 80% since that bottom. It’s a reminder of the importance of sticking to your investment plan. Let’s consider […]

4 year-end tax and estate planning ideas

What a year it’s been! A crazy stock market. An election. A pandemic.I have to commend you all for hanging in there with your investment strategy through the course of the year. Your patience has been rewarded. The stock market as measured by S&P 500 Index* sits higher than when the year began. With less […]

Larry Bakerjian reflects on life, retirement and 40 years of investment planning

Larry and Roxane Bakerjian try out a Formula One race car.

For this post, I’m featuring an interview with Larry Bakerjian, whom all of you know as the founder of Asset Strategies. Larry’s career as a financial planner spanned more than 40 years. I’m asked so often how Larry and Roxane are doing I thought it would be fun to have him tell us himself. Adam […]

Update on the Hartrums and some mid-year to-dos for you

Wow! Look at what we have gone through for the first half of 2020. Economically and socially, we’ve seen one of the biggest roller coaster rides in modern history. These certainly aren’t easy times. I’ve had lots of phone conversations and Zoom videoconferences with my clients. Frankly, I’m impressed with their resilience throughout these volatile […]