Larry Bakerjian reflects on life, retirement and 40 years of investment planning

Larry and Roxane Bakerjian try out a Formula One race car.

For this post, I’m featuring an interview with Larry Bakerjian, whom all of you know as the founder of Asset Strategies. Larry’s career as a financial planner spanned more than 40 years. I’m asked so often how Larry and Roxane are doing I thought it would be fun to have him tell us himself. Adam […]

Win at the slowest possible speed

Setting smart financial goals can help you succeed.

It’s tempting to compare your investment performance with others. In doing so, you may find that some of your friends and family members have had good experiences in working with financial advisors, whereas others have not. Often, those who say they’re unsatisfied with their advisors tend to focus on portfolio returns as a key measure. […]

Classic Formula One race tracks

Clients know I love Formula One racing. They also know I believe it’s important to have a smart wealth management plan and to stick to it. So, there’s the tie-in between Finance and Formula One: Set one’s course; stay on track. And speaking of tracks, let’s talk about three of the classics. The 2014 F1 […]

Investment diversion: Senna, the movie

SENNA the movie

If you need a break from the stock market, politics and all the other nuttiness that’s in the newspapers every day, here’s a suggestion for you. One of the greatest Grand Prix drivers of all time was Brazil’s Ayrton Senna, a 3-time World Champion. Last year a documentary film about his life was released overseas. […]

What is Formula One?

If you’ve been a wealth management client of mine for any amount of time, you’ve heard me talk about my love of Formula One racing. This website gives me the opportunity to tell you a bit about F1 and to share the love. The first thing many people ask is, What does “Formula One” mean? […]