Risk Management

We can help protect your wealth.

You can lose money to taxes, economic downturns and political unrest. Even doing nothing can cause problems in periods of rising inflation.

South Bay Asset Strategies can help by reviewing your investments, looking closely at your tax situation and regularly evaluating risk scenarios that could be affecting your wealth. We’ll recommend risk-reduction strategies that apply to your personal situation.

Here’s what South Bay Asset Strategies can do:

  • Discuss your life insurance needs. We can help you understand the various products available and their associated costs.
  • Review your deferred compensation plan. If you own a permanent life insurance policy as part of a deferred compensation plan, we can balance the cash value of the policy with its face value as we assess your insurance needs in light of your annual salary.
  • Discuss your health insurance and long-term care needs. While we don’t write such policies ourselves, we recommend specialists who can assess whether you have adequate insurance protection.
  • Assess your personal liquidity. We’ll propose ways you can save money for emergencies, have cash reserves ready to invest during market ebbs, and have liquidity ready for a slumping economy.
  • Assess your estate plan needs. Working with estate planning specialists, we can propose ways to replace your income in the event of your death or disability with the goal of minimizing your estate’s tax liability.