Investment diversion: Senna, the movie

If you need a break from the stock market, politics and all the other nuttiness that’s in the newspapers every day, here’s a suggestion for you.

One of the greatest Grand Prix drivers of all time was Brazil’s Ayrton Senna, a 3-time World Champion. Last year a documentary film about his life was released overseas. The movie only came to America a week ago and then only to selected cities, Los Angeles being one of them. I saw and enjoyed it a lot. Here’s a link to the trailer:

A painting of his first ever race win in Portugal in 1985 hangs on my office wall. In 1988 I met him (that’s stretching it, I said hello and chatted for a minute) in Mexico City where my wife and I had gone for the Mexican GP. We stayed at the same hotel as Senna and saw him in the coffee shop the evening after the race.

Senna was killed in 1994, the last driver to be killed at a Formula 1 race. His death was a huge blow to the sport but for an hour and a half the movie brought him to life again. I’m really glad I saw it.