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Coronavirus: What to do about stock volatility

Coronavirus ruins a good thing

Fears surrounding the spread of a novel coronavirus and its resulting disease, COVID-19, have caused significant market volatility. The S&P 500 Index* is down by double-digit amounts since last fall. And, uncertainty about COVID-19 containment continues. Let’s consider some facts. At the time of this writing, global infections exceeded 118,000, leading to 4,262 deaths, according […]

Thoughts on the economy

​Much has been made of the slowing global economy. I’ll comment on this, since I know several of you are concerned about the possibility of a recession. At the outset, just know that what we see happening thus far is part of a normal economic cycle. “Google it” There has been so much concern over […]

September 19 was a big day for me

Adam Hartrum, U.S. Marine

September 19th was a big day for me. It was the three-year anniversary of my buying Larry Bakerjian’s wealth management business. Not coincidentally, the 19th also marked the 21st anniversary of having fulfilled my Marine Corps duties and being honorably discharged. I mentioned having both anniversaries on the same day was not a coincidence. When […]

Meet our new partner, LPL Financial

A SPECIAL MESSAGE I am excited to announce that starting today, June 17, 2019, I have become a member of the LPL Financial family, the number one independent broker/dealer in America*. I will provide you with more detailed information individually, but please rest assured that this new affiliation is an improvement and will positively impact […]

Is the bull market in stocks heading for a correction?

Should you try to time this stock market or stay the course?

SPECIAL BULLETIN The stock market is always ripe for drama. Last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average* dropped 127 points on Monday. It sank 500 points early on Tuesday, due to some companies reporting gloomy results, but closed the day down only 126 points. “The market is fragile,” an investment manager told CNN. “But we’re […]

Let’s talk about Social Security correctly

Social Security is not ‘going bust,’ as the media would have you believe.

Every year, trustees of the Social Security trust funds issue an annual report. And every year, the media overreact and misreport to the American public what the trustees have to say. Here are a few headlines, which I feel are misleading: “The Social Security Trust Fund Goes Bust” — The Wall Street Journal, June 7, […]

Should we stop using pennies and nickels?

Where you stand? Do away with pennies and nickels, or keep them?

It may surprise you to learn that many economists and politicians believe we should eliminate the penny and nickel from our currency. If you’re like me, you probably have fond memories tied to our smallest denominations. As a kid, I remember buying penny candy from my neighborhood Magic Mart. I appreciated the efficiency of the […]