How to survive today’s collusive capitalism

Why is unethical behavior burgeoning on Wall Street lately? What happened to honest prosperity? Can we do anything to avoid becoming the victim of a swindle?

The Madoff Era

To answer the above questions, I have authored a new paper entitled, “The Madoff Era—Surviving Today’s Collusive Capitalism.” My goal is to help readers better understand the current climate surrounding Wall Street which, I believe, can lead to smart choices regarding one’s wealth.

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“The Madoff Era—Surviving Today’s Collusive Capitalism” is a complimentary download. Here are a few highlights from the research documented and sourced in the paper:

  • Former financier Bernie Madoff pleaded guilt to securities fraud a few years ago. His Ponzi scheme cost investors $65 billion in wealth.
  • Madoff admitted to beginning his swindle in the early 1990s. Some investigators, however, feel that he had help from other Madoff family members and that the fraud practices began as early as the 1970s.
  • FBI figures show that securities and commodities fraud cases have jumped by 52% since 2008. Billions of dollars have been lost and more than 1,800 criminal fraud cases are pending.

Why did I choose Bernie Madoff to represent an entire era?

Well, it’s not anything personal about him, as I mention in the paper. I just feel that Madoff is a fitting symbol of our times, which unfortunately have been too often characterized by financial fraud. At a point in time when wealth creation and prosperity have never been greater, investment fraud has come with a vengeance and at great price.

My paper explains why fraud has become so common. I also include a number of important steps that you can take to help you to avoid becoming the victim of a swindle. Let me know what you think about it.

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