Market Volatility: Why it’s increasing. Steps to Take.

Does it seem to you that the stock market has been especially volatile of late? Well, it has been, and there are a number of reasons why. You can read about them in my new research report entitled, “Market Volatility—Why It’s Increasing. Steps to Take.”

Market Volatility by Larry Bakerjian CFP

“Market Volatility” shares recent market statistics and pulls together a number of sources that establish that stock market volatility is on the rise. The reasons include a lack of market liquidity, computerized trading, developments on the political front, and more.

While the paper establishes that the stock market is more volatile today than in times past, in my opinion this should change nothing fundamental about your financial planning process. Other advisors may urge investors to revamp their investment programs. This paper draws a different conclusion, one which I believe surpasses making decisions on short-term ups and downs.

“Market Volatility—Why It’s Increasing. Steps to Take.” is a complimentary download. You can get it here. Let me know what you think about it.